Sunday, July 13, 2008

We made it

Busy already! Everyone picked us up at airport last night and then we
went our for soup. Soup and cheese and cheesebread. All you can eat.
For breakfast guess what? All you can eat pao de queijo (cheese
bread), lunch meat, rolls, coffee, fruit, yogurt.
This morning we all went outdoor kart racing-Carl quaified for the
pole, but after passing him on the first lap I didn't see him again
until I spun on lap 18 and he passed me to take the checkered flag.
Very very fun. Racers: Carl, Dave, Brent, Arthur, Suzy (slow poke).

Then shopping and lunch. Another all you can eat buffet, fejouada,
meats, fried everything. Alexa and I are wondering how everyone here
is not 280 lbs.

Big football game this afternoon between Sao Paulo and Palmeros. While
driving back near the stadium we saw 20 guys stirring up a fight,
yelling, but they were broken up by police in riot gear. They take
their football seriously here.

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