Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Visa Pickup

This is mostly a test post from my iPhone.

Beautiful day in the City, much cooler than the 100 deg at home.
Alexa's passport was ready at the Brazilian consulate as planned. We
had noodles in chinatown, then coffee in NorthBeach, and finally lunch
with my sister at her office.

That's Anthony with Alexa in the photos. He's not going on the trip, but he's a
nice enough guy so we include his photo. Do they look like twins to
you? One of my sister's partners thought so. That was an awkward moment. What's the correct response?

Alexa has a funny story about the bathroom in my sister's law office.
About a woman on the phone in the adjacent stall. Something like "I
had to hang up before you flushed, you know how it is..."

Chris's office. Everything in its place

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