Friday, July 25, 2008

Island from way up

How did we get this view?

A. Used the photo self timer feature and launched the iPhone up using
a slingshot made with a long pieces of surgical tubing stretched
between 2 coconut trees,

B. From the turbo prop as we flew in (the pilot likes to give people a
comprehensive view before landing)

C. GoogleEarth. How did we all live before Google started indexing all
of the world's information?

D. A quite popular tourist attraction is towed snorkeling-they toss
you in the water with mask, snorkel and a ski rope, then pull you
around behind the boat. We found a place that bundled towed snorkeling
with a U2 spyplane ride

E. In the shark museum, while Alexa was in the bathroom. The beach top
left is Praia de Santos. Bottom left is Praia de Leon.

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