Friday, July 25, 2008

Golfinhos Rotadores

They come here in the morning (usually before Xa woke up) to play,
mate, rest, care for their young. The last morning we hiked out there
but had just missed over 500 of them. Well, they had come and gone
before we made it out there. But we got to see our favorite dolphin
PhD candidate, who is strikingly similar to Jade, who some of you will
remember as the trapeze instructor from Cancun. She told us lots about
the dolphins, about how she's had the chance to dive with them, why
they jump. About the time they surrounded her boss when a shark
entered the bay, and then escorted him to shore, protecting him.

It made Alexa want to study dolphins, too, but instead we went to the
turtle store and bought a couple of expensive T-shirts to support
Projecto Tumar. Eu Taturunga es mi Amigo.

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